Bettabets believes in a holistic approach to empowerment. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we are conscious of the socio-economic challenges facing South Africa and are committed to making a positive contribution to the building of a better society.
We also believe that there is a direct correlation between the prosperity of our company and the prosperity of our country: the more SA prospers, the more we will prosper. We therefore view empowerment as both a moral and business imperative and integral in everything we do as a business.

Our empowerment goals and achievements

Our goal is to achieve the highest level of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment level certification in accordance with the latest codes. Below are some of the bold steps we as a company have taken to ensure at least a Level 2 contribution by 2015.

Employment Equity

Formal affirmative action plans and programmes are integral to our human resources planning processes and are implemented through training and development, succession planning, recruitment and selection processes – all which are reviewed regularly by management.

Transparency in all our human resources management practices is enhanced by the active participation of the various employee forums created under auspices of the Act. The company’s approach to employment equity is therefore part of an integrated plan aimed at ensuring that an increasing number of suitably qualified, previously disadvantaged people continue to take positions of leadership in all the important areas of the business.

The representation at junior management level and other supervisory positions far surpasses our specific target and the national demographic. More than 90% of junior and middle management are previously disadvantaged individuals, and women currently constitute more than 60% of the total complement.

Generally all positions within the company are graded and people are remunerated according to their level of responsibilities, grades and performance.

The company maintains to regularly update employment equity policies, plans and programmes that fully comply with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act of 1998.

In an environment where retail and gaming professionals are extremely mobile, our strategy is to grow from within. To this end, we invest significantly in nurturing the talent of our promising junior black managers. We envisage seeing talented, entrepreneurial black gaming professionals moving through the ranks into senior management positions.

Socio Economic Development (SED)

By investing in community infrastructural and developmental projects, Bettabets is able to contribute to the economic growth of SA and better the lives of the members of communities in and around the locations of these projects.