Bettabets has a vision to become the premier retail brand for numbers, sports and horse betting.
To achieve this we are motivated daily to become the biggest, most successful, security conscious and innovative bookmaker in Africa
From the outset the company has taken an unconventional approach to betting and adopted a commitment to offer greater value and fairness to customers who had for too long suffered from the whims and self-interest of a staid oligopoly. The meteoric rise of the company then and the continued strong growth of more recent years indicate it’s a formula that the customer appreciates, and one we call “Obsessional Customer Service”. We go to extraordinary lengths to maintain this ethos with every customer that enters our stores

This has resulted in the creation of a unique brand that has the following intrinsic brand values

  • Bettabets is about Xcitement and Xhilarating winning opportunities
  • No food or alcohol is served on the premises, in order to ensure that each store remains purely a wagering venue that is desirable and safe for our betting patrons
  • The emphasis is on making sport and wagering an unforgettable experience, far beyond just the opportunity of winning. The retail space is to be a reflection of any inspirational destination that supposes international standards
  • Special Attention to detail of store aesthetics, incorporating a number of human sense such as sight, smell and sound, ensure a harmonious balance of style, functionality and interaction for all our customers
  • We are at the leading edge in our product offering
  • The Bettabets team are charismatic, educational and helpful striving to always make our customers feel comfortable and welcome
  • We are passionate about sport and success which is why Bettabets is synonymous with celebration
  • Technology is constantly being reviewed and introduced through in-store activations
  • Strategic experience of owners, and energetic management team and top class retail staff are focused on delivering superior service levels in store